Friday, 10 November 2017

Stop Labelling Certain Body Types As 'Best'

I recently came across a Buzzfeed article called '18 Pieces Of Definitive Proof That Having Small Breasts Is Actually The Best'. I read it just for fun, but also expected it to end with a message of acceptance for all boob sizes. It didn't. Sadly, this is just another example of body shaming culture and pretty much misses the point of body positivity entirely.

But why is body positivity still so controversial? With online shops like Missguided finally leaving stretch marks on models and plus size clothing being worn by actual plus size models, our flaws are finally being made to feel a little bit normal and even beautiful by the media. But this is only the beginning and we clearly still have a long way to go. It shouldn't have taken us this long to stop photoshopping a few skin blemishes just to sell clothing.

It’s time we really embraced the truth:

1) People come in all shapes and sizes.

And that’s OK.

2) There is no ‘normal’ body type.

You don’t have to try and make yours look like someone else’s.

3) Your body isn’t better than anyone else’s.

But it’s perfect for you.

4) Other people’s bodies are none of your business.

No one has the right to point out other people’s insecurities.

The culture of shaming other body types to make ourselves feel better needs to end now. But there is a responsibility held by celebs and media to get the message right. (Yes Meghan Trainor, I'm looking at you.) Until the people with real influence over the way that we accept ourselves realise that it's not OK to put a negative spin on body positivity, there's no chance of us ever really feeling happy in our own skin.


  1. I agree! And I actually think that it goes both ways - we should embrace and celebrate bodies that we don't necessarily ever see in media, but we should also love and accept those that are. Because sure, those bodies presented in the media can paint an unobtainable ideal for some that can lead to some very unhealthy behaviors, but for others that's just their reality. None is the best, big or small. We're all beautiful in our own ways.

    Asti ||

  2. Your body is your business, but everybody is presented with perfect or near perfect body image in the media, and in the public, at the beach or pool, so on, but its not always realistic to expect that from yourself. Actually, other peoples bodies might be your business as much as it is anybody's business what you look like but we would all be healthier if we accepted an average body instead of a hyper sexualized body.

    Improving your body can be done in the context of a relationship, but you should accept and respect your partners choices as well.


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